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Weekly –  In the new September 2023 uptrend. Trade pressures are up. Volumes remain bullish.

Daily – Long. In the move up from the long signal at 100.26 on 7/27.  Trade pressure remains up. Volumes are now bullish.

The next target up is 107.38. The overbought levels are 106.75.

A close below 103.23 would signal lower. The expected oversold levels are now 104.06.



Weekly – In the October 2021 downtrend and moving down and away from upside resistance. Trade pressures are down. Volumes remain bearish.

Daily  – Flat. Still in consolidation lower after the long signal. Trade pressures are down. Volumes remain bearish.

In a wedge that ends near October. A close above 120.68 would signal higher  Expected overbought levels are 121-11.

A close below 118-09 would signal lower. The next target down is 117-10. Expected oversold levels are 117-10.