Weekly S&P 500

Buy-Sell levels are essential to your Trading Plan.

Trading is stressful. Stress is usually the result of not having a plan. What do you need to make money in these markets?

Defined levels to Buy and Sell.

Traders measure the flow of events and money and try to understand the impact on the various investment vehicles in the stock markets and their derivative markets. South Ocean tracks the S&P 500 market index and a few of the related futures markets and produces likely entry points and exit points.

The South Ocean method can be used for any market and on any time frame.

Technical analysis tracks price movements and looks for recurring patterns. South Ocean has used the mechanics of Fibonacci Levels and Andrews Pitchforks for many years and find those to be the most logical and consistent.

Daily S&P 500

South Ocean has studied most of the available technical trading methods. The South Ocean Method is not anything magical or new. For the most part, all indicators and tools we use are in the public domain.

The application is the key.

We have done everything you have done, bought the books, gone to the seminars, paid for software, even invested hours in writing software trading programs.  

We have paid all these “tuitions”.  

Take a look at the South Ocean Trading Style to see if it fits your idea of trading. 

Then let us show you some trade setups; and if, along the way, you can learn how to do it for yourself then all the better.

Hourly S&P 500

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In our blog Charlie “Says”, South Ocean will create a weekly set of price targets for a selected group of markets which will help define market pressures and propose possible general market entry and exit levels.  These general market levels will inform our individual Trade Setups.

For those with an interest in TRADING IDEAS, the Charlie “Says” Blog will include weekly actionable Trade Setups with suggested entry and exit levels.

You are responsible for your own trading, but South Ocean will provide regular updates following the trade to conclusion so you can see the process in action.