Swing trading stocks applies the same principles that South Ocean uses for futures trading. The difference is the time frame. The equity selections are likely to be held for weeks and months.

The first step is to find and develop a list of securities to trade. Our bias is to the long side of the trade and prefer a selection process with an emphasis on the fundamentals of a US listed company.

Our preference is to look for companies with earnings growth and have stock prices that are a reasonable value. This investment style is sometimes know as GARP or, “growth at a reasonable price”.

There are many stock selection services available on the internet these days, but over the years we have used the Louis Navellier portfolio recommendations. Navellier has a few annual subscription options where you can spend $300 to more than $3000 per year for a steady flow of stock recommendations.

The focus of the Navellier screening and selection process is on quality fundamentals with an emphasis on earnings growth.

If you want someone to manage your stock portfolio, you can contact Worth Asset Management, LLC. Worth manages portfolios for clients using a number of investment strategies including these Navellier stock selections.

There are no guarantees of success. So, please find yourself an Investment advisor that fits your investment style to help implement any of these strategies. Everyone has some advice to give the investor. So, do your own due diligence, please.

[Worth Asset Management, LLC Is a Texas Registered Investment Advisor. South Ocean Management, Inc. is not a Registered Investment Advisor but does have a ownership interest in Worth Asset Management, LLC.]