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Weekly –  In the November 2022 downtrend. Trade pressures are now up. Volumes are now bullish.

Daily – Long. the trade thru 102.64 on 5/17 was the trend change to up. Trade pressures are down into the neutral zone. Volumes are bearish.

At 103.95. The expected overbought levels are 104.41. The next target up remains 105.61.

102.82 is support. The expected oversold levels are now 102.25.



Weekly – In the October 2021 downtrend and still testing the upside resistance. Trade pressures are down. Volumes are now bearish.

Daily  – Long. The break above the 126-20 on 5/29 reverses the trade. Trade pressures are up but declining. Volumes are neutral.

the close above 128-09 confirms the lower time entry. The next target up is131-08. Overbought levels are 136-20.

A close below 126-14 would signal lower.  The expected oversold level is 123-26.