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Weekly –  In the November 2022 downtrend. Trade pressures are now up. Volumes are now bullish.

Daily – Long. the trade thru 102.64 on 5/17 was the trend change to up. Trade pressures are up. But, volumes are bullish.

At 104.13. The expected overbought levels are 104.43. The next target up is 105.61.

A close below 103.72 would signal lower. The expected oversold levels are now 101.94.



Weekly – In the October 2021 downtrend and still testing the upside resistance. Trade pressures are down. Volumes are now bearish.

Daily  – Short. The break below 129-20 on 5/15 triggered the short entry. Trade pressures are down. Volumes remain bearish.

Closed below the 127-12 target; so still lower. The next target down is 123-22. Oversold levels are 123-25.

A close above 126-20 would signal higher.  The expected overbought level is 129-01.