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Weekly –  In the November 2022 downtrend. Trade pressures are up, but have turned down . Volumes are bearish.

Daily – Flat. In the move up from the 102.76 long entry on 2/3 but in a pullback. Trade pressures are down. Volumes remain bearish.

The next target up is now the 105.48 prior high. Overbought is now 106.26.

The move up was stopped by the 200 day MA at 105.48. A close below 102.43 would signal lower. Oversold is expected at 102.98.



Weekly – In the October 2021 downtrend. Trade pressures are now up. Volumes are bullish.

Daily  – Flat. Out of the long trade at the 132.09 target. Trade pressures are up. Volumes are now bullish.

At the 132-09 target. Overbought is still at 133-18.

The close below 130-24 would signal lower with a 125 oversold level.