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Weekly – Still consolidating at the 97.52 upside target. Trade pressures are up but turning down. Volumes are now neutral.

Daily – Price is now in retracement within the bullish move up. Trade pressures are down. Volumes are bearish.

The retracement target down is 96.85 and was touched on Friday.

The next target up is 96.22.

A close below 96.55 would signal lower. (… and a move up in Gold.)



Weekly – In the move up since the October lows. Trade pressures are Rising out of the neutral zone. Volumes are bullish.

Daily  -Flat. In the move down up the 147-21 level. Trade pressures are up. Volumes are bullish. The next target up is 150-13.

A close below 148-00 would signal lower.

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