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Weekly – A couple of moves up to test the 97.52 upside target have stalled. Trade pressure are rising into the neutral zone. Volumes are bullish.

Daily- In the  move up from 95.89 and at the 97.05 upside target. Trade pressures are up but declining. Volumes are bullish.

The trade seems to be within the 95.00 and 97.00 and hostage to the china trade talks and the consequent effects on the global economy. And how foolish is this Brexit process? and the US political leadership?



Weekly – In the uptrend since the move up in December 2018. Trade pressures are up. Volumes are now neutral.

Daily – In a retracement short trade while still inside the longer move up. Trade pressures are down. Volumes are bearish. The next target down is 145-28, which is also a support area.

The next target up is the 150-21 recent high pivot and then the 151-12.

Any China trade talk resolution should see an outflow of us dollar futures to other regions.

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