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Weekly – In the year long move up from the 89 level. Trade pressures are in the neutral zone. Volumes are bullish.

Daily – Still in the move up from the 95 .81 new long entry. Trade pressures are down. Volumes are bearish.

Price is in a pullback from the 97.15 high.

The next target up is the 96.80 level.

The next short entry is nearby at 95.62. The 3 hour chart is in a new move down from the 96.62 level.



Weekly – In the uptrend. Trade pressures are up and trending. Volumes are neutral.

Daily – Flat. Moving up inside the down move that started at 146-04. Trade pressures are up but turning down. Volumes are bullish.

The next target down is 142-21.

A close above 146-16 would signal higher.


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