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Weekly – Now near the 94.50 uptrend support line. Trade pressures are down. Volumes are mixed,neutral to bearish.

Daily – In the move down from the 95.65 short signal. Trade pressures are down. Volumes are now neutral.

Testing the prior low of 94.63. The next target down is 94.11 and the 200 day MA.

A close above the 95.77 level would signal higher.



Weekly – At the 200 week MA , expect resistance. Trade pressures are up but rolling over. Volumes are still bullish.

Daily – Flat. In the move up from the 144-05 level. Trade pressures are up. Volumes have turned bearish.

The sharp rally to the 148-27 high has been quickly retraced. The 147-05 target level is now acting as resistance.

The next target above is the new long entry at 147-09.

Support is the daily 25×5 MA at 145-20. The 3 hour chart is at support.

145-10 is the lower retracement downside target.
So, in a pullback looking for a new move up with a close above the 3 hr 146-11 level.

If long, the stop is the pivot low at 144-09.

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