S&P 500 Futures

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Market Pressures_

Copper is in the move up. Gold and Silver are in the retracement move up.

Crude oil move up sharply thru the new long entry. Natural gas is close to a bullish breakout.

The US 30YR Treasury bond is in the move up.

The US Dollar futures are in the move up again; targeting the prior highs.


S&P 500 Futures_

Monthly – In the move down and back near the 2461 downside target. Trade pressures are down. Volumes closed the month of March as bearish for the second month in a row. Not seen since 2009-2010. The next target close down is 2461. A close above 2856 would confirm any weekly move higher.

Weekly – In the new move up from the 2427 long entry price. Trade pressures are down but turning up. Volumes were bullish but now bearish. The next target up is 2838. A close below 2349 would confirm any daily move lower.

Daily – Long. In the move up from the 2428 long entry. Trade pressures are down. Volumes are bearish. The next target up is 2840. A close below 2411 would signal lower. The weekly trade  pressures have had a bullish reversal, so any daily bullish reversal should be positive.

Lots of “event risk” emanating from the white house.

[4-5-20: Sun Nite. Out at 2540. Look for a better entry.]


Navellier Top 5 Stocks – This Top 5 model portfolio begins the year at $100,000. Only the Top 5 Growth stocks will be tracked this 2020 year.

The portfolio dropped this week to approximately $78,000, now down 22% YTD. The 13% gains from these first two months of 2020 have evaporated. But the fundamentals should remain intact.


[The author may have long or short positions in any of the securities mentioned.]

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