S&P 500 Futures

Market Pressures_

All Metals declined this week with gold testing old lows and Copper breaking its lows.

Crude oil continues the move down. Nat Gas shows a new long entry.

The US 30 Yr Tbond reached projected price targets and is near a new long entry.

The US Dollar (DX) remains strong. The euro is the mirror image becoming weaker.

These terrible events in Paris will add to the World’s uncertainties.


S&P 500 Futures

Monthly – The 2100 level has been tested four of the last five months and has resisted any breakout. Trade pressures are neutral. Volume was also neutral.

Weekly – The new long entry of 2094 was touched but no close above. Trade pressures are up be turning down. Volume has changed from bullish to neutral.

Daily – Short. The long move up from 1908 almost reached the 2113 upside target and then was reversed with the close below 2074. In two short trading days the first profit target of 2016 was met. The next target down is 1959, which would represent a 7% “correction”.

Trade pressures are down. Volume is bearish.

Move stops down to 2047.