Bank of America [sold for 7.1% gain in 54 days]

Weekly – Trade pressures are down. Volume has changed to Neutral from Bearish. Earnings report on 4/15 pre-market.

Daily – Trade is long from 15.69 with a first target of 16.38. Trade pressures are down, but rising.
Volume is bullish.

Stops at 15.26 at the pivot low.



[5/4 Update: raise stops to break-even @15.69. The 16.38 target is also the 200 day moving average.
Next target up after 16.38 is 17.08.
3:00pm: closed above the 16.38 target. If not already sold, move target to the 17.08]

[5/21: Sell at the 17.08 level. Raise the stop to 16.08.]


[6/3:Raise stops to 16.81, sell the 17.08 target]


[6/5: stopped out at the 16.81 level at the open and then closes at 17.22.
So, a 54 day trade gains 1.12, or 7.1% in a difficult market environment.
The stop was raised to break-even on 5/4, so a risk-less trade from then to now.]

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