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Weekly – In the November 2022 uptrend. Trade pressures are down. Volumes are bearish.

Daily – Flat. At the 3.84 downside target. Trade pressures are down but rising. Volumes remain bearish.

The next target down is the 200DMA at 3.75. Oversold is expected at 3.79.

A close above 3.90 would signal higher.  Overbought levels will be near 4.03.

[3/19/23: Long at 3.92. SL at 3.87] [3/20/23: Stopped out in the overnight markets with a loss.]



Weekly – In the December 2022 uptrend. Trade pressures are up into the neutral zone.. Volumes are remain bullish.

Daily – Flat, the run continues higher. Trade pressures are up. Volumes are bullish..

The next target up is 2001and is above the overbought levels at 1963.

A close below 1954 would signal lower.

Oversold target is 1843.



Weekly – In the new February 2023 downtrend. Trade pressures are rising to the neutral zone. Volumes are now bullish.

Daily – Long. A new long entry has been triggered at 21.75. Trade pressures are up. Volumes are now bullish.

The next target up is 23.54. Overbought level 23.30.

A close below 22.40 would signal lower. The expected oversold level is 19.70.

At resistance now, wait for a pull back and the bullish reversal on the trade pressures to re-enter.