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Weekly – Remains in the downtrend and below the 25×5 MA. Trade pressures are up into the neutral zone. Volumes are now bullish.

Daily – Long. In the move up from the 2.66 level, which was entered off a pullback from the 2.71 long entry trigger. Trade pressures are up. Volumes are bullish.

The next target up is the 200 day MA at 2.85.

With the S&P E-mini now at the 2721 target, raise the stops to the Friday low of 2.75.

[2-6-19: at the 2.83 target and just below the 200 day MA. raise stop to the 2.83.]
[2-6-19 PM stopped out at the 2.83 .]



Weekly – At the 62% upside target. Trade pressures are up and extended. Volumes remain bullish.

Support at the 200 wk MA , 1288.

Daily – Flat. Prices high was 1331, very near the 1336 upside target. Trade pressures are up. Volumes are bullish to neutral.

The next target up is that 1336. Then look for consolidation and/or retracement.

A close below 1319 would signal a small retracement to 1300. if 1300 is broken on the downside then a confirmed move down is signaled.



Weekly – Rising in the downtrend. Trade pressures are up but tuning down. Volumes are bullish. the 200 week MA is above at 17.11.

Daily – Long. From the 15.66 long entry. Trade pressures are up. Volumes have changed from bullish to neutral.

At the old target of 16.04. The next target is 16.41.

A close below the Friday low of 15.91 would signal lower.

Raise stops to 15.91.

[2-3-19: Stopped out at the 15.91 level.]




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